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MaiMai Journal

23 October 1993

Hey guys I'm Emily Maiko, but you can call me Emily or Maiko. I only went by the name Maiko because there were so many Emily's when I first came to livejournal. And it was just something that suck. :) I'm currently 19 and I live in Southern California. I am a college student and I'm about to start my 2nd year. I love anime, drawing, graphic design, music, video games and much more. I speak Japanese fullently. I just can't really read or write. I'm working on it though! :) I knew about the Johnny's Entertainment fandom for a long time, but I wasn't like really into it. I always watched Music Station when I was little. I really got into the Johnny's fandom in July 11, 2007 the day Arashi released their Time album. I was visiting a friend in Japan and she was playin their Time album which came out that day in the car. I already knew about Arashi, but wasn't a fan yet. After that I had to go buy the album before I went back to the USA. And I fell in love with them. I also got into the NEWS fandom, K8, HSJ and KAT-TUN fandoms. I have been to Japan many times I actually lost count. 7/7/2008 is a day I won't forget. I went to the K8 Summer Wahahaha tour at Tokyo Dome, which was a blast because I got to see Ryo Nishikido. Hehehe. I hope you guys like this about me. I know it's super long. -.- Sorry that it's really long. Well if you have any questions feel free to ask me. :)